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After launching indy label hits in 1967 Atlantic Records recruited Dick Wooley to head their Southeast and Midwest record promotions. At Atlantic, Dick helped launch many legendary Rhythm & Blues and Rock artists who are now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

~  In 1972, after working at Atlantic Records provided Dick an opportunity to become Capricorn Productions Vice President when they switched to Warner Brothers and debuted the label as Capricorn Records. He promoted several unknown artists at Capricorn into a tidal wave of hit records that eatablished "Southern Rock".

~ In 1976, Dick left Capricorn at the top of the charts and partnered with Atlantic Records to start Dick Wooley Associates, together they launched indy label Rabbit Records. Rabbit launched several new artists on to the national charts and indy promotor Dick Wooley Associates developed other label’s new artists into gold and platinum sales.

~ In 1981, Disco was king and Dick decided to move to the beach and retire from the music business. Changing tax laws opened the door for Dick to successfully market ocean-front properties to investors and in 1983 he partnered with Benchmark/Atlantic to develop seven university student communities.

~ In 2004, Dick was inspired to return to his music roots and opened Internet based
King Mojo Records to showcase emerging Blues and Rock artists.

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